motivated studying


We all have topics we struggle being excited about and focusing on what’s important when studying topics is hard. Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated as you study! There are so many ways to study without losing your motivation, and that is why we at Student Edge are here to help you get that motivation!

1. Mini-Rewards to Stay Motivated

Reward yourself when you complete a section and are ready to move to the next. This could mean a sweet treat between sections, or it could mean a timed 5 minute break.

2. Have Fun With Your Notes

Use bright colours, doodles and stickers to highlight important parts of your notes. Not only is the use of colour and doodles helping you commit the information to your long-term memory, you’re reviewing sections to see what should be brightened up, and drawing attention to them.

3. Turn Studying into a Game or Competition

Study with a group of friends and quiz each other when you’ve finished sections. Whoever gets the most correct answers is the winner. Competition is often a great way to stay motivated.

4. Pretend You're the Teacher/ Lecturer

Teach what you’ve just read to your pet or stuffed toy collection. You might feel silly, but what you’re doing is solidifying the information you’re taking in by putting it into terms and phrases you understand and having a bit of fun while doing so!

5. Frequent Reviews= Motivated Student

Set aside some time each week or so, if you’re able, and review what you’ve learned during the course of that week. This will help you retain the information and allow you to prioritize what you need to spend more time studying in future. Additionally, you can see where your shortfalls are and what you need to work on!

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