About Student Edge

Founded in 2016, Student Edge partnered with top technology suppliers, Microsoft and HP. We did this to bring the best value for money on notebooks and other digital products to students in South Africa. Student Edge is an HP-approved distributor. Thanks to this collaboration with HP for the student technology initiative, we have been able uniquely to configure notebooks. These notebooks are designed to support the teaching and learning initiative for higher education.

Further, we work directly with higher education institutes to create a seamless purchase process that is transparent and trustworthy.

Student Edge Gives Back

Student Edge is dedicated to inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. This is why we have partnered with Connex to ensure that all learners have access to technology.

We aim to uplift and empower children from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have access to technology as a learning tool. To ensure that no child is left behind in the digital age, we are actively involved in finding opportunities to get involved with well-known organizations and schools.

Working with various educational-based charities, we have created a cost-effective solution that allows schools to develop their own computer labs. Equipped with all the necessary tools to create a holistic learning environment.


We hope that by continuing to support our learners, we will help to create a better future for all children.

All About How We Operate

We have partnered with student funding administrators Intellimali and Fundi. We have done this to ensure that all students can safely and securely purchase the technologies they require to get the edge on their future. Our online store is backed up by on-site University visits from our activation team.

We typically take up to 7 working days to process and deliver orders. From waiting for the payment to reflect, packing in our warehouses, and finally dispatching your order via our door-to-door trusted couriers.

We proudly carry HP and Connex-backed warranties on all of our laptops and devices. We do this to ensure that the students using our products, get the edge they need on their education!


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