Exams are done and dusted! Well done, you. We have a feeling you aced those finals! It’s time to get some rest and recharge for next year, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about your mind completely. Here are some great ways to keep you mind active over your holiday break.

1. Make a Holiday Reading List:

You don’t have to do academic reading or homework to keep you mind active. Pick out three or four books that you’ve been seriously wanting to read all year and just haven’t had the time. No idea where to start? Exclusive books has an amazing top 10 every few months, check out their list Or challenge yourself to the GoodReads’ “100 books to read before you die” – We have to admit, we’ve only read 34, so you can be sure we’re adding a few to our list this holiday.

2. Get a Part-Time Job

There are so many opportunities for students these days. You could wait tables, take a holiday internship, or work in retail. All of these options not only bring in a little spare cash, but they also allow you to add valuable working experience onto your CV.

We did a quick google and found a local company who offer part-time work to students in retail, why not apply?

3. Volunteer

There’s nothing better than making a difference to someone or something, and again, this is a great opportunity to add some valuable working experience and social giving to your CV.
Sadly this one won’t get you paid in real money, but you will be rewarded with the smiles and love from the people (or animals) you are helping out over this holiday season. For us, that’s what matters most.

4. Take a "For Fun" Class

There are so many fun and interesting holiday activities out there, why not use this time to learn a new fun and practical skill like cooking, or pottery, or painting.
It doesn’t have to be totally academic to benefit you or be heaps of fun while doing it.
Head down to your local library and check out the notice board, or do a quick google for classes in your area.

5. Star in a Play

Most neighborhoods have their own community centre or musical group. Why not see if any productions are coming up and flex your acting, singing and dancing muscles?
Or donate your time and help with set design, sewing or just running? Not only is it a great way to meet artistic people, it’s so much fun and your name will look amazing in the printed programme!

6. Reflect and Plan

Spend a little time on thinking about your last year or semester. Now is the time to think back on what you did badly, what you could have done better and how you can improve not only your study habits, but also yourself as a person. Remember, part of being the best person you can be is learning from your mistakes.

Likewise, you can use this time to plan out how you want to tackle next year’s classes, study times and rotations. Use this time to set yourself some goals for studying, performance or involvement. It’s up to you.

7. Relax and Spend Time With Family and Friends

We often neglect the people we care about the most when life is busy. Spend a little time with the people who love you and support you. It’s important to let our friends and family know we love and support them too. So go hug your mum, dad, best friend, cat and dog right now!

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