Boost Your Productivity: Windows 11 Tips and Tricks for Students

With the roll-out of Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a plethora of features that are designed to enhance productivity, especially for students embroiled in the daily rigmarole of academic engagements. This post explores the most impactful productivity features in Windows 11 and provides step-by-step tutorials on how to effectively utilize these features for academic purposes.

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups:

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups allow for better multitasking by enabling you to organize multiple open windows in a grid on your desktop.

How to use:

Hover over the maximize button on any window.

Select the layout you desire from the grid that appears.

Drag and drop your other open windows into the remaining spaces in the grid.

Virtual Desktops:

Create custom workspaces for different subjects or projects:

How to use:

Click on the Task View button on the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut Win + Tab.

Select + New Desktop at the top-left of the screen.

Drag and drop open windows from your current desktop to your new desktop.

Microsoft Teams Integration:

Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams integrated, making it easier to collaborate on group projects.

How to use:

Click on the Chat icon on the Taskbar.

Sign in or create a Microsoft account.

Start chatting, video conferencing, or sharing documents with classmates.


If you’re studying graphic design or any other graphics-intensive course, DirectStorage helps to significantly cut downloading times.

How to use:

Ensure you have a DirectStorage-supported NVMe SSD, and the latest graphics drivers installed.

Focus Assist:

Avoid distractions by limiting notifications during study sessions.

How to use:

Go to Settings -> System -> Focus Assist.

Choose the automatic rules or turn it on manually to limit notifications.

Widget Board:

Get quick access to important information like your calendar, weather, and to-do lists.

How to use:

Swipe from the left edge of the screen or press Win + W to access widgets.

Customize your widget board by adding, removing, or rearranging widgets.

Windows 11 not only brings a fresh look but also introduces features that can significantly enhance productivity for students. By effectively utilizing these features, students can organize their tasks better, manage their time efficiently, and collaborate effortlessly, thereby thriving in their academic endeavors. So, explore these features and refine your study routine to match the rhythm of the digital age!

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