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Acer Green Day 2022- Path to a Sustainable Future

The Acer Green Day embodies a commitment to reduce our environmental footprint. Additionally, we want to inspire others to join our journey towards a greener planet.

True to our “Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing” philosophy, we launched the project Earthion. Particularly, this combines the green efforts of our company, supply chain partners, consumers and employees, and we didn’t stop there. Because saving Earth isn’t easy for sure. But together, it’s possible.

Would you like to learn how we use tech to help build a cleaner, smarter, and greener world? Here are the highlights from the Acer Green Day 2022!

Our long-term commitment to the Green environment

Today, striking the right balance between sustainability and company growth is essential. Through the Acer Earthion program, we continue to express our all-around commitment to a sustainable world.

For this reason, we’ll keep coming together alongside our partners and suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint. We will do this from production and design to shipment and packaging.

Reducing the negative impact of e-waste

At Acer, we continue strengthening our environmental commitment by providing recycling solutions to our products and materials. Moreover, that includes giving all our devices a new purpose at the end of their lives.


In this regard, our EMEA trade-in program collects old electronic products to extend their lives, recycle them or dispose of them sustainably. This project is made possible by our customers, who happily turn in their worn-out devices knowing they’re doing something good for our planet.

Introducing the new Acer Chromebook Vero 514

One way in which we hope to be kinder to the environment is through our Acer Vero range of eco-friendly devices. On Acer Green Day 2022, we proudly present the latest addition to the Vero family: the Acer Chromebook Vero 514.


Our first-ever Chrome OS device to join this line of products is made using 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic in the chassis and 50% in the keypad and audio speakers. On top of that, it’s shipped in fully recyclable, moulded pulp packaging!



Thank you for joining us on the Acer Green Day 2022! Discover more about our sustainable initiatives here.

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